THRIVE on meat only

Learn how the carnivore diet works and experience its immense benefits!

  • In this course you will learn why the carnivore diet is species appropriate for humans, how it is done most effectively and what practical steps you have to take to get there.
  • You will learn about the positive impact this diet has on body and mind by resolving inflammation and autoimmune issues, the root causes to most chronic conditions.
  • You will learn how to nourish yourself optimally in line with evolution, while reaching a perfect body composition with ease plus saving time and money alongside.
  • You will learn how eating meat can help to save the planet by supporting ecosystems, global social justice and animal welfare.

This course is for you, if you want to experience “zero carb zen“, feel energetic and joyful instead of being “hangry“. It is for people who want to know what “mob grazing“ is, how eating meat can actually be good for the climate and why you should consider green smoothies a health risk.

The course is now closed for registration but you can get on the waitlist to be the first to know when we will open up again. Waitlist registrants will receive a special offer and bonus.

Irena Meilick
I am a mom of 4, was exhausted, moody, depressed... and got my energy back with the carnivore diet!
I am completely fascinated by this way of eating and I am bursting to share this life changing knowledge with you!
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